Smooth Thru Detangler + Perfect Styling Assist Aid

(The Power Pack)

  • Natural & Organic Ingredients
  • Absolutely No Dyes, Additives – SAFE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES
  • Works on All Hair Types – Adults, Teens, and Children included
  • Increases your hairs natural shine with out the need for additional oils
  • Untangles even the most knotted, kinky, coily, coarse, nappy & hard to manage hair
  • Revitalizes Dry & Dull hair
  • No need to buy multiple products for each hair type
  • Is an excellent Co-Wash (Conditioner Wash)
  • Works great on Weaves, Extensions, & Wigs – and restores them too!
TM Hair Products-Perfect-assist-styling aid
  • Natural and Organic ingredients
  • Absolutely No Dyes, Additives – SAFE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES
  • Works great on Adults, Teens, and Children’s hair
  • Perfect for All Hair Types – From the thickest to the thinnest
  • Non Greasy – Say goodbye to greasy looking hair
  • Brings out the natural shine and luster in your hair
  • Hydrates dull and dry hair
  • Reduces frizz and breakage
  • Enhances curls
  • Has a soft to medium hold

These two products work best together, but can be purchased separately. If you would like to purchase these products together,  add this power pack to your shopping cart by clicking below.


Customer Reviews

I ordered for first time last week and used today during on of my worst take down experiences for crochet braids. If it we’re not for your product I would no hair on my head! It is amazing. I will be ordering more thank you!
Ms. E
The detangler is wonderful. It actually detangled my daughter’s beautiful thick, long and kinky hair. She is 7. And since she’s been 5 she always cried while I did her hair. The Detangler made her hair smooth, easy to comb through from her thick kinky roots to her tangled ends. I loved it so much I ordered two bottles this last time. I style my daughters hair in two strand twist and The styler is wonderful also. The styler tamed my daughters frizzy hair. I keep her hair up for weeks at a time. The prevented the frizzies from come for over two which is Outstanding for us. Usually after the first week her twist are already looking frizzy. And it gave her a lots of shine! So thank you TM for this great product And keep the videos coming! Smooches!!!!.
I have what one would call 4z type hair. It is so curly that is curls onto itself forming little knots (aka) naps. I have used every product known to woman. I have tried all the home concoctions from mayo to avocados. When I heard that there was another product to try I too was skeptical due to my hairstory. The first time I used the moisturizer after a co-wash my hair literally said,”Ahh.”. Hands down TM hair moisturizer and detangler have shown and proven to be the absolute best for my hair. I use it on all three of my daughters. Two of whom have locs. I definitely would recommend this to any woman or man that has hair on their head.
I used the styling cream on my daughters hair and didn’t have to do hair for 8 days!!! I love these products. I am requesting an auto ship program and/or larger containers!!! I’m stocking up because I never want to run out. The customer service was prompt at responding to my concerns. Keep up the good work! #WeFamilyNow