• Luxury 3D Mink Lash
  • Reusable up to 25 Wears

This lash just makes you want to have fun. This is the lash you wear when you are going out with your girls and you know you look GOOD!! These lashes have short inner and outer corners. The long hairs are separated by short hairs to give a Full and flirty look, this 3D Mink lash was made with length and volume to complete favorite eye look, and being a little over the top, but we love that right. The mink hairs focus their length on the center of the band to deliver a wide-eyed, rounded feminine look with a little edginess that we all love.

Our Mink and 3D Mink luxury lashes are hand sewn on a cotton band to make them pleasant to wear. Our fullest lashes are soft and not heavy on the eyes, therefore they can be worn ALL day. Although some of our lashes are full and lengthy, they do NOT have a heavy, weighted and unpleasant feel.