• Smooth Thru Detangler


    4 in 1 1.Detangler


    3.Rejuvenate Wigs and Extensions

    4.Detangler Deep Conditioner

    Smooth Thru Detangler is a  creamy detangler (that can be used as a deep conditioner and/or co-wash) designed to smooth the cuticle and remove knots and tangles while adding softness and shine to any hair texture. Combine with Perfect Assist Styling AID for maximum results.
    • Natural & Organic Ingredients
    • Absolutely No Dyes, Additives, or Chemicals - SAFE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES
    • Works on All Hair Types - Adults, Teens, and Children included
    • Increases your hairs natural shine without the need for additional oils
    • Untangles even the most knotted, kinky, coily, coarse, nappy & hard to manage hair
    • Revitalizes Dry & Dull hair
    • No need to buy multiple products
    • Is an excellent Co-Wash (Conditioner Wash)
    • Works great on Weaves, Extensions, & Wigs - and restores them too!

    See The Smooth Thru Detangler In Action

    Perfect For Adults, Teens, and Children

    Detangling Has Never Been So Easy, See What Others Are Saying

    Smooth Thru Detangler is the best on the market for natural Black hair, hands down. You must try it. My hair is extremely coiled and I hate to comb it. However, when I tried it, I almost fainted…lol. I felt like it was a miracle. That’s how good this works. - S. Walker "I have 2 girls and between the 3 of us we have different hair textures from 3c to 4c and thickness, fine to very fine. The detangler works well on all three of our heads! No more buying multiple products"  - S. Oda "I have what one would call 4z type hair. It is so curly that is curls onto itself forming little knots. The first time I used the moisturizer after a co-wash my head literally said, ”Ahh”... Hands down TM moisturizer and detangler have shown and proven to be the absolute best for my hair." - Val
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