Hi Guys, thanks for checking out another natural hair sisters video in this video her hair has been washed deep conditioned and blow dried. My daughter has a cheerleading banquet to go to so we decided to do something a little different with her hair but this hairstyle ended up being four different looks in one. I’m going to show you each look as we proceed in the video.What I did here was i’m just going to flat twist the side and i started thefirst one around her ear and it curvesaround and goes to the back of her headand this is fairly simple you could letwith his back this part you can do anyway you want you can do them up at anangle you can do more half-moons you cantrust them or half moment anyway youwant so this side is really left up toyour imagination you can make them asbig or as small as you want but becauseshe was going to a banquet I wanted itto be a little neater and a littlesmaller had been just a regular schoolwe got probably would have done a littlelarger because I’m the one who has totake them down so I’m always consciousof the styles that I put it there herebecause I’m the one where they take theloopanyway back to the style so i’m doinghere is just twisting them back off herface to make a little style I wanted itto be a little intricate I didn’t wantit to be extremely simple although itcould have been it would have been justfine but i wanted to add a little extraup to the style because this was hercheerleading banquetok what I’ve done across the front isI’ve twisted to twist around the frontof her here because she likes to pickher edgy so i try and keep those out ofthe way but all i do is continue totwist her hair back in a wave patternafter I pulled out enough hair to twisther edgesok so let me show you the other side andthis is hairstyle number one mytwelve-year-old daughter was sittingthere as I was told her she was like ohmy god mom i love that that is my 12year old daughter’s personality so she’slike oh my god mom I love that could bea hairstyle in itself if you were edgyor you could blow dryI mean flat on the middle bone straightand that’s another stylethis is also another style one jumbledtwist down the middle and I thought itwas simple and neat and cuteso this is hairstyle number to both thesize of twisted in the middle is justleft out and I just a jumble twist thisis hairstyle number three so this iswhat we went with for the banquet iadded some of those soft spiral curlswith the curling iron and it just madeher hair look a lot softer to me and myopinion that’s what we want for the bankwith this is about four days after thebanquet and all she did was tie her hairup and I didn’t reeker lit so what Idecided to do because the ADA side stilllooked good and I don’t want to have totake her entire head down so all Idecided to do was two strand twist allof the hair that was left out and wejust playing with it and see she couldwant in a ponytail that could have beenanother style but i decided to let hercontinue with this style so all idea wasdry two strand twists her here and ifyou are familiar with my videos I do notlike I’m i once and do not like i’m nota fan of dried twisted here although thehair is stretched and it’s longer i’mjust not a fan of the way you look ilike to take coyly look of twisthowever she likes bestretch look so we went with what shewanted so all idea was just two strandtwist all of the center part that wasleftand there you can see where I two strandtwist it and again like i said i’m not afan of two strand twists and I reallydidn’t like the center part but what Icould have done was untwisted and lether wear twisted out but by that time Iwas a little tired and exhausted withdealing with this hairstyle so what ideawas I added a few curls that you’ll seelater in the video which made it look alittle better it was a little better tome but she like the stretch twist so ifshe’s happy I’m happyand this was the last look and she worethis for about an additional two weeksthanks a lot guys for watching until thenext video bye