Okay guys this is the next day. We had a change of plans I didn’t have time to finish her hair, so after I blow dried it yesterday I just put it up in a puppy ponytail and that’s how she wore it. I think I want to give her a nice trim or probably a reshaping because it’s been a minute since she’s had one. But what I’m going to do now is separate her hair and get her hair prepared to be flat ironed. I’m going to show you guys her hair and I will be right back let me get everything together. Okay guys I separated her hair, you guys know I don’t do anything unless their hair is sectioned off and that helps to keep me organized, again this was from yesterday. But this morning she took her a hot shower, and her pages started to revert back. Her hair as you can see you can’t really see the shine on her hair. Her hair is very shiny. If you want to know how shiny your hair is or the health and condition of your hair put some bright light on it. Just like when people do their makeup they had the bright light so that you can see the detail of the makeup. Hair is no different. Her hair now you can’t really see the shine because as we all know shine is reflected by light. If you want to see how shiny your hair is put some bright light on it. This is my natural house light, but I’m going to turn on the lights I brighter light that I use when I really want to see their hair. I’m sorry that’s my timer going off. I want you guys to see the difference I’m going to show you in real time with me flat ironing her hair. Now with the light being on, you can see how shiny her hair really is. That’s what you want to do when you are checking your hair. You want to get into some bright light. There was the situation with me. I had done my hair, and I have used TM hair products smooth thru detangler and I was like what’s up with my hair? I was like maybe it needs a little more treatment, and I was in the house in my bathroom and it looked okay shiny, but when I walked outside in the sun it was a bright sunny day and I passed by a car and I was like oh my God look how shiny my hair really is. Well, we all know that shine is reflected by light, but when you really want to see that healthy condition of your hair turn some bright light on. As you can see I don’t have any  oil or anything on my hands. I haven’t put any oil in her hair. I am not using a heat protectant and it’s not because I’m against heat. I am not anti-heat protectant, but as I told you guys in other videos I have been using these tools for years. I know the level of heat my daughter’s hair can stand. Now, what you have to do is find the tools that are good for you because there were tools styling tools that people recommended to me that did not work and it may bear here look beautiful. It did not work for me. Whatever works for you that’s what you have to use what works for you. I’m not going to pass the flat iron through her hair 20 times. As you can see one pass. I’m sorry if you hear my son in the background is playing with his toys. And I do not parts large chunks these are little things that makes the difference. Somebody asked me how long with their hair stay straight. A lot of things can determine how long your hair stays straight, the climate that area you live the, if you use a lot glycerin when you’re hair because glycerin attracts moisture from the atmosphere, so all of that plays a part. I use other moisturizers so I don’t use glycerin in my products because if I want to wear my hair straightened I don’t want to refer back so easily. As you can see one pastor with the flat iron. You guys see her hair. This is with no oil this is why. I’m not anti-Oil. I’m not anti-silk serum because I really don’t need it guys. A lot of people put oil on their here to create this kind of shine. I don’t need it because I keep this kind of shine from using TM products  smooth  thru detangler as a  deep condition. This is all I use people always ask me are you sure that’s all you use? What I show you guys that’s what I use I need my regimen to be simple. Very simple because I said it 1 million times but one day I’m going to lets y’all in on how busy my life really is, so I don’t have the last of time to dedicate to hair. It works for some people. It it works for you that’s great but I don’t like a lot of products I don’t use holding spray on my hair that’s just me. I’m not saying that there is thing will because it isn’t, but that’s just me I don’t like it. I don’t like holding spray. I don’t like a lot of things to hold my hair down. A lot of people use oil on the air but they don’t show what they are here looks like two weeks later or three weeks later. I have a video of my daughter hair how to silk press natural hair. Her hair lasted a month because your natural oils or sebum will kicking in and that combined with the other oils that weighs your hair down. It makes your hair very heavy. I like my hair light and airy and very flowing without having to add so many components. I’m not against those things because I’ve seen videos for people have had beautiful results. I’m like wow! They’re hair is gorgeous. Just for me I need my regiment to be very simple and when I say very simple I mean it. I just can’t have a lot of stuff going on because I have a lot of stuff going on. You follow me guys. I’m going to finish flat on her here and give her a nice trim or reshaping because she needs a little more than a tram and will be back what her hair is finished. I’m sorry guys I wanted to come back in because I’m not sure if I addressed heat protectants. I’m not against heat protectants. I just know the tools that I have and I’ve been using these tools for so long I know the level of heat my daughter’s hair can stand because I’ve been doing their hair so long. I’ve been paying close attention to their hair. Again,   I’m not against heat protectants. If one of my tools went out and I had to replace it with another tool. For example if I couldn’t by the flat iron that I have now. I’ve had it for five or six years. They don’t even make them anymore, so once this flat iron goes out I’m going to have to buy another flat iron I will most certainly absolutely use a heat protectant. I’m not anti-heat protectant. I just know these tools and I’ve been using them for so long that I know what my daughters here can stand. Finding the right tools and knowing how much heat your daughters hair can stand. Finding the right tools and knowing how much heat your hair can stand is important. Heat protectants does not guarantee that you won’t have heat damage. It’s just another level of protection. However, heat protectants are silicone and not oils. When you go to the beauty supply, look at what the heat to protectants have in them. They are silicone. I’ll do a video one that if you guys are interested in that’s and why I prefer my technique over using heat protectants. I’m not against them. I’m not against silicones but that’s neither here nor there. What ever works for you use it in my opinion. If you don’t know the styling tools that you use on your hair, or if you change styling tools often or if you’re new to straightening your hair. I would most certainly recommend a heat protectant. However, I don’t use oils because again I know people who use oils to get this type of shine on their hair. This is with no oils look. No oils, no oils, no oils at all, so that’s a lot I don’t use oils because I don’t need it not that I’m against them I don’t need them. Okay guys I will really be back this time when I’m done. Okay guys this is the finished look she wanted a very simple behind one ear and a small part on the side that was it turn around. No oil, no hair polisher, no silk serums none of that. I was TM hair products smoothed thru detangler as a deep conditioner. I sent her under the dryer for 20 minutes and I blow dried her flat on her hair. And these are the results that the guys and I have some pictures. That’s it.