Hi Guys, thanks for checking out another TM hair products video about How To Get Your Natural Hair Into A Sleek Ponytail. Let me just give you the disclaimer this video is going to be pretty loud you got here talking in the background. Today was one of those days. This is a continuation of how to moisturize low porosity hair. Hi guys in my attempt to show you a twist out with the styling a forever. Her hair’s been twisted and re-twisted. I twisted it up the first time, and it lasted for two weeks. She had a dance class performance. They did their big performance for the year so she kept having to change her clothes and change your hair they had to wear bandannas and take them off. But to make a long story short it may all this frizzy. I read twisted it again I didn’t wash it I read twisted it again. Life got in the way so I couldn’t do it twist out, but I’m about ready to take these twists out of her head. I wanted to salvage it. I thought maybe there someone who had twists in their hair and they didn’t have time to do it whatever, so we’re going to try make the best of it. I want you to see her hair again I’ve expressed this to you guys several times as you can see her hair still moisturized I have my big light on so that’s why see my shadow in the background because I want you guys to see it if I turn my natural house light on one you guys will be able to see. As you can see her hair is pretty old. This is the re-twisted set of twists these are about three weeks all as you can see the back of her hair is starting to match together. This is where she sweats heavily, but you can see the length of her hair is steal moisturized. What I’m going to do is going to show you how to salvage this style if you have somewhere to go and you don’t have time to read twist your entire head. The perimeter is messed up, and all that kind of stuff. So I’m going to show you how I salvage this style. The first thing I’m going to do is untwist her twists. I don’t have any oil or anything on my hands because her hair is steel moisturized, so I don’t need to add oils. The perfect assist styling aid that I use fights frizz. This is the styling aid that I use to twist her hair I’m sorry about the hair in it. It’s really thick and creamy. It’s not greasy as you can see it’s not greasy it’s really thick and creamy it’s full of natural and organic butters and oils. I’m not going to add any of this to her hair at this point all I’m doing is un-twisting her twists no oils or anything on my hands. I’m sorry I have one under the dryer I’m trying to get a lot of stuff done today. All I did was untwist her hair as you can see. These twists have been in for about three weeks or so and I don’t go back and re-moisturizer I don’t go back and add anything to her here this is all I do and I don’t use any oil to untwist them because I don’t need it so I don’t use it. As you can see her twists are very old but the free is is very minimal. Her hair is really defined we going to do something else with a she’s not wearing it twisted out we going to do something very simple. Okay I’ll see you guys when I’m done untwisting her hair. You can see her hair is starting to clump together. All I’m doing is loosening up the oiled and build up at the root of her braids. To be able to make the hair more pliable and easier to move. I’m gathering her hair in sections because I don’t want to disturb the definition I’m gathering is it in sections pulling it up to put the ponytail where I want it to sit. Once I have it up as you can see I’m just applying the perfect assist styling aid around the perimeter of her hair because I want to be able to create a smooth and textured contrast. So I’m just brushing her hair up as smooth as I can get it. Also you guys asked me what happens with the styling aid? Well, it’s just  butters and oils, so it just literally melts into your hair. To be honest a lot of times if I don’t take pictures immediately after I do their hair then I won’t take them because I move on to something else, so that’s why in some of the videos and some the pictures their hair is steal wet. But,  as you can see as I rub it in her hair is just melting into her hair. These are some outside shots, and this is one of my favorite hairstyles because it’s so versatile it ranges from the little girl, to the teenager, to the professional, to the doctor, to the lawyer, to the attorney and. It’s just a very polished neat hairstyle. And this is one of my favorites. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below and I’ll talk to my next video thanks guys