Hey y’all, thanks for checking out another video. In this video I’m going to show you how I flat iron my daughter’s hair. Previously, she had to strand twist I took them a loose and I detangled her hair with my detangler from TM hair products it’s called smooth thru detangler. After I shampooed her hair, I put the same detangler, which also works as a condition, back onto her hair. I deep conditioned her here for 20 minutes under a hooded dryer for 20 minutes. I blow dried her hair. This is two days after that. Two days prior to what you see here is when I did all the other steps. I’m going to walk you through the steps of how I flat on her hair. Let me just say before I start I don’t use any Palm aids, any oils, any hair polishers any of those things on their hair because as you’ll see in just a moment when I take her braid out in the back that her hair is shiny naturally. That is due to me using the smooth thru detangler as a deep conditioner. In order for her to shine and me not need any hair polishers with things like that on her hair. This is all I use. From my personal experience, when I flat on their hair and I use some type of hair polisher or things like that it weighs their hair down in a few days their hair seems to be heavier and oilier. It’s not that I have anything against those products it’s just a personal choice that I not use them. You have to know the level of heat your hair can stand. I know the level of heat that my children’s hair can stand. Therefore, they don’t have any heat damage or things like that because I know the level of heat that their hair can stand. What I use the temperature of the flatirons I use the same temperature all the time. I don’t go any higher because the temperature that I use it works. So there’s no need to go higher it keeps their hair straight. It does what I needed to do. That’s very important when you are a natural hair person. And you decide to attempt to flat on your hair or straighten your hair. Always do small test runs before you flat iron your entire head, and then you wash your hair and you’re like oh my God my hair is heat damaged. I would suggest doing test runs like maybe this small portion in the back of my daughters hair test that part and see how your hair reacts before you go through your entire head and discover you have heat damage once you wash your hair. That’s just a little tip from me that works. When I flat iron their hair they don’t suffer heat damage. If you buy a new set of flat irons, test the flat irons before you flat are your entire hair. Test a small portion of your hair and tested more than once. Just to blow dry a small portion, and yes this does take time and it takes you out of your way, but this will let you know what level of heat your hair can stand. I’m doing the Chase comb or the comb chase method which ever one you want to call it to flat on her hair. As you can see immediately as I run the iron flat through her hair it’s light it’s flowing and that’s what I like to achieve and that is all do to me using the smooth thru detangler as a deep conditioner. As you notice I don’t part huge chunks because her hair is fairly thick I part fairly thin parts as I flat on her hair and that method works for us. It does take a little time a little practice and once you get used to the method you can move a lot faster. I’m moving slow for the sake of this video. As you can see like the like glaring off of her hair it’s just shiny with no problem so I think that’s it. I think the rest is pretty self-explanatory. Thank you guys for watching and I will talk to you in the next video.