Hi guys,

Thanks for checking out another TM hair products video about Easy Fulani Bun.

In today’s video she is finally parting with this hairstyle. She is finally gonna say goodbye to these braids. The product that I’ll be using to detangle her hair is TM hair products smooth through detangler. I’ll be using that to detangle her hair and if you want to see a detailed detangling video I will put one in the link of this video. Now a lot of times you guys ask me how do I keep their hair moisturized this is what I use TM hair products perfect assist styling aid to keep their hair moisturize and you can see the difference between her new growth and her hair that’s braided. Her old hair is still moisturized. Her hair has been shampooed, detangled, deep conditioned and her hair’s been rinsed.

Now all I did was separate her hair into two sections, the front and the back, and all I’m going to do is twist the back up in two strand twist and then I’m going to do a Fulani inspired style in the front. You’ll see that shortly. If you’re int