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Thanks for checking out another TM Hair Product video about Easy Feed In Ponytail.

In today’s video we’re going to remove this protective style. We’re going to detangle, deep condition and style my daughter’s hair. A lot of times you guys ask what do I use to keep their hair so moisturize? What I use is the perfect assist styling aid. As you can see her hair looks different. The new growth look different from the moisturized hair and that’s what I use. We will be detangling her hair with TM Hair Products Smooth Thru Detangler. I brought you guys in close because I really want you to see her hair and how I detangle it. I lightly mist with water, working in a downward motion because her hair’s texture is naturally dry, the downward motion helps. The water drops are penetrating her hair. Then I apply the detangler in the amount that’s appropriate for that section of hair. The detangler is pretty concentrated so if it’s too thick I lightly mist with water again and start from the ends and detangle my way up. In a previous video I showed you guys the proper way to detangle hair I will put the link to that video in this description again.

We’re repeating the steps, applying a little more detangler because the section of hair is pretty big and her hair tends to tangle more at the root so that’s what my focus is. As you can see her hair is coming back to life. Our curl pattern and her texture is starting to come back to life. If you are interested in purchasing these products there will be a link in the description below. As you can see the detangler is just moving the knots and tangles down out of her hair into the comb. Her hair has been shampooed detangled and now we’re getting ready to deep condition again. We’re going to reapply TM hair products Smooth Thru Detangler as a deep conditioner and you guys this is where the magic happens. This is where it goes down, this is one of the most important steps in hair care. Wow her hair was recondition, rinsed, blow dry and all.

Idea was part her hair from ear to ear. I’m going to give her a bun. You guys she’s a dancer. Just to give you a little backstory, she’s a dancer and she had a huge performance coming up and they had a very rigorous schedule. This girl was literally dancing for three hours at a time under hot dance lights for a week straight. So I wanted her hair to last and I wanted her to look a little different on stage. So in order from her hair not to frizz up I used our perfect assist styling aid to style her hair. This is what you see here, so this is my focal point. This is where I want the bun to come together and for those of you asked, the texture of this product I would say it’s the consistency of a very thick pudding. That’s what I would say and I’ll apply it to the root because trying to fight frizz and then I apply it to the end because I want to protect her hair and all I’m going to do is braid this section loosely because this is my focal point this is what I want her bun to come back together with a little synthetic hair now as I’m doing her burn. I want a more natural looking bun so I’m doing the feed in method because again I want this bun to last. She has a very rigorous schedule so I want this bun to last. Ss you can see I applied the perfect assist styling aid to the roots of her hair because I know she’s going to sweat, so this is going to help fight frizz and keep her hair from frizzing up and drying out. And I wanted her feed-in method to look very natural and you’ll see pictures of her hair coming up in just a moment and these pictures were taken a week after her performance so she had gone through the rigorous schedule of dancing for three hours under high performance lights and sweating. I just wanted to
kind of show you guys not so much the hairstyle but how the styling aid holds up under extreme pressure.

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