Hi guys,

Thanks for checking out another TM Hair Product video about Easy Feed In Ponytail.

In today’s video we’re going to remove this protective style. We’re going to detangle, deep condition and style my daughter’s hair. A lot of times you guys ask what do I use to keep their hair so moisturize? What I use is the perfect assist styling aid. As you can see her hair looks different. The new growth look different from the moisturized hair and that’s what I use. We will be detangling her hair with TM Hair Products Smooth Thru Detangler. I brought you guys in close because I really want you to see her hair and how I detangle it. I lightly mist with water, working in a downward motion because her hair’s texture is naturally dry, the downward motion helps. The water drops are penetrating her hair. Then I apply the detangler in the amount that’s appropriate for that section of hair. The detangler is pretty concentrated so if it’s too thick I lightly mist wi