“My Daughter Loves Your Products!”

I Just wanted to let you know that I bought the Detangler and I could not believe the amazing effect it had on my daughter’s hair. I just used it to deep condition and silk press my daughter’s hair. She is in love.

-Felecia F.




“It Was Created Out of Necessity Says It’s Creator Tei Brooks.”

Being the mother of four daughters her sole purpose for creating hair products was to repair the damage to her daughter’s hair. In 2008, her oldest daughter hair started to change and began to fall out. It became very dry, brittle and hard to manage. Tei just assumed that the products that she was using at the time had changed some of their ingredient, and that they no longer worked for her daughter’s hair. Therefore, she started buying and trying new products, but none of them worked the way she wanted them to on her daughter’s hair. The mother of four growing girls

became very frustrated because her daughter’s hair continued falling out. In her words,” her hair literally became shorter and shorter.” After trying at least ten new products, and having none of them work the way that she wanted them to, Tei, out of desperation started experimenting and became what some might call a kitchen chemist for hair. She purchased countless books, and spent hours upon hours researching different ingredients, and how those ingredients affected hair. Her goal was to find the right ingredients to make her daughter’s hair healthy and beautiful.